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Optional tours in the region

Explore with Simona del Mar the Urabá Darién Caribe, the best alternative!

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tours atrato thumb Bocas del Atrato: Live an adventure in the most navigable river in the world, travel through beautiful and preserved mangrove forests, share with the Afro-Colombian culture and their ways of life.
Centro Ecoturistico Arqueologico El Carlos thumb El Carlos Archaeological Center An encounter with the history and culture of the first Spanish town in America.
capurgana thumb Capurganá - La Miel (limits with Panama): Immerse yourself in the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea to discover the magic that holds our marine biodiversity.
bahia solano thumb Triganá Bay (San Francisco): It travels splendid tropical humid forests that contrast with the sea, it interacts with a variety of flora and fauna, it lives art in all its splendor.
playona choco thumb Playona (Acandí): Meet the world's largest marine turtle in danger of extinction and contribute to its conservation.
finca bananera thumb Banana farms: Learn the process of production, packaging and marketing of bananas, the fruit of life in the Gulf of Urabá.
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